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Mandatory energy audits for large companies

New energy efficiency act regarding large companies came into force on the 1st January 2015.

The new act aims to improve companies’ energy efficiency, increase energy savings and reduce the primary and end use of energy.

The mandatory energy audit concerns large companies regardless of industry. A company is considered large, if the total number of employees is over 250 or the turnover exceeds 50 M€ and the end balance is over 43 M€. Energy audit has to be conducted regardless whether the properties are owned by the company or rented.


Energy efficienct act obliges companies to update the mandatory audit every four years

The target of the audit is to get companies to improve their energy efficiency and increase their energy savings.

Energy audit has to include i.a. survey of the total energy consumption that can contain workspace energy consumption, production processes or, for example, fuel consumption. Additionally, the audit contains property specific surveys. The audit report states the most relevat subjects requiring energy efficiency improvement. The report is delivered to the Energy Authority. The author of the report has to be qualified and approved by the Energy Authority.

A company is liberated from the obligation, if it uses a certified ISO 50001 or ISO 14001 quality management system and an ETJ+ energy efficiency system and they cover at least 95 % of the company’s energy comsumption.


Raksystems is providing energy audits for large company needs

We have employees specialized in conducting energy audits, and we can serve you in all of Finland. We have already delivered hundreds of site audits i.a. for ports, car industry, production factories, office buildings, process and data communication industry, logistic centers and retailers.

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